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Japan-specific Topic No. 2: NHK World Japan

NHK WORLD English Hello again, my good fellows!
I wonder if some of you living in Japan know about the nice website NHK World English.

For us Japanese, especially people learning English, it is quite efficient, I consider, to acquire English skills for free as we get current news from all over the world. Standardized sets of methods to study English like TV educational programs and Radio ones are popular.
Yes, this website is run by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Japan’s sole public broadcaster, introduced a radio service and a television service. So contents are mainly Japanese about current affairs and topics.

Here, of special note is to be able to play the videos attached on each article which has almost the same words written as the words spoken by announcers!

I love this news site which it has been my favorable daily routine to read and watch.
Thank you very much NHK!!

This is just an aside.
NHK is financed by the receiving fee paid by each household that owns a television set.
Then, to wrap up today's diary, please let me show those who are not familiar with NHK World English yet, the URL.
I wonder what do you like of it.

Thank you for your reading today as well!
(^_-)-☆ Have a nice Golden Week holidays♪


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